"Utterly charming and gorgeously filmed ... Denny and Hagan have excellent chemistry" - Karensa Cardenas, IndieWire

"Its vivid beauty slaps you across the eyes" - LA Weekly

"A heartfelt fearless leap into autobiographical storytelling..." The Advocate

"Like a good dream, it leaves you enchanted... a strikingly polished effort from a first-time independent filmmaker" - AfterEllen

"Side-splitting and tear-inducing... A beautiful tale of female friendship." - Bust Magazine

"Drew Denny is a master of laughing through tears" - Bust Magazine

"an auteur to watch" -The Advocate

"I wanted to hit 'pause' just to soak it all in" - Movie City News

"Cinematographer Will Basanta works with nature the way a painter works with oils on a canvas" - Movie City News

> A feminist "Stand By Me" A pleasure to look at AND to listen to

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“Utterly charming, emotional and gorgeously filmed...Denny and Hagan have excellent chemistry.” -Kerensa Cadenas

> - Mixed
“Like a good dream, it leaves you enchanted...a strikingly polished effort from a first time independent filmmaker.” -Chloe

> Movie Mezzanine - Favorable
“A perfect love letter to the American Southwest...with gentle humor and a full, resonant heart.” -Dan Schindel

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“Watch Now! Drew Denny talks ‘The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had with My Pants On’” by J. Halterman

> Movie Mezzanine - Favorable
“Absolutely gorgeous...a solid debut for Denny as a writer, director, and actress.” -Dan Schindel

> Part of “The Advocate's 18 Favorite Films at Outfest 2013”
“A heartfelt, fearless leap into autobiographical storytelling.” -Diane Anderson-Minshall, The Advocate - Favorable

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Drew Denny is a master of laughing through tears

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